A March Wind

When life hits you with a sudden blast,

like a strong March wind 

that rips fresh buds off eager spring branches,

leaving you staring, stunned, at your bare twigs

wondering if you have the energy reserves

to start again,


You can be tempted to look at the 

expanse of bare earth around your tired roots

and want to crumble down

into its cold loamy humus,

giving up the hope of winter’s end


Renewal is just a buzz word

of the Already-Blooming

Why not give in to the decomposers?

They are always waiting anyway

But even Rot brings Rebirth.

Even darkness and dank decay

made thick and putrid by the busy beetles

clears space for life to be born again.


The lost buds become soft and pungent 

in the folds of soil;


And what you once held onto with all your might,

what was torn from your grasp

by the reckless winds of life,

has been transformed 

into that which fuels you

and enables you to blossom again.

©Vixen Lea 2020