how is it that absence is the thing in the world that is the most heavy?

the long-awaited response that will never come
the failure to rebuke an accusation
the shocking stillness once a forest is felled
the fading of a friendship into hollow pleasantries
the aching echo of an empty house
the cold turn of a lover’s back

we strive to find a silence that is so elusive in the cacophony of our own minds, but the silence of others is maddening.

perhaps their silence is cowardice or perhaps a bold act of aggression. or… do we give ourselves too much credit, and it is simply what trails in the wake of apathy?

silence offers a void where we can eagerly fill in the intentions of others with our own assumptions: Silence is Acceptance. No, it is Denial! Silence is Malice! No, it is Fear. the one who offers the silence no longer holds the rights to its meaning.

sometimes the silence of others can be a gift, if we choose to trust its importance and heed its lessons. It allows us the space to shift our attentions from what dampens or distracts and tune in to lesser-heard frequencies that Expand.

©Vixen Lea 2020

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