Of Fear and Truth

There is so much Fear in the vibration of America these days.

Fear getting sick. Fear the other side. Fear going out. Fear being isolated. Fear the government. Fear your neighbor. Fear speaking out. Fear being silent. Fear being different. Fear sending kids to school. Fear keeping them at home. Fear going to work. Fear making the wrong choice. Fear saying the wrong thing.

They are all valid. They are all debilitating.

We should acknowledge these Fears, but we must stop letting them lead the way.


So many people claim to know the Truth: the scary truth, the dark truth, the joyful truth, the shaming truth, the freeing truth. 

With so much fear and conflict circulating our airwaves and infecting our relationships, how do we know which Truths should guide us? Whose Truth is real?

Perhaps they all are.

Your Truth is as valid to you as mine is to me. Perhaps they aren’t conflicting after all. 

Perhaps Truth can be scary, dark, joyful, shaming, and freeing all at once.

Unfortunately, too often we confuse Truth with belief

We humans have been known to hold our beliefs so tightly to ourselves that we feel we must defend them with our lives.

But belief is born in the mind, a product of ego. 

Truth, on the other hand, is of the soul, and can be found only when the ego is silenced.

©Skye Nicholson 2020

2 thoughts on “Of Fear and Truth

  1. Fear is the natural result of ego, or false ego if you prefer, rising up. Ego always finds expression in fear. Ego is always fearful of what it does not have, what it does not know and what it is not. Only the True I Am can replace false ego, and thereby, replace fear with acceptance, understanding and unconditional love.


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