We are the Feminine (what the world needs now)

Women, look around you.

Find your sister and SEE HER… past the stories and identities she wears around her like an overcoat… see into the core of her, where her feminine power burns – steady, and ancient, and fueled by love.

When women connect with each other on a soul-level, we lift up the collective vibration.

We have been doing this for millennia: seeing, dreaming, weaving, lifting. This feminine energy has immense power to elevate our society. When we forget, we may become blind, narrow-minded, divisive, or oppressive. Society feels this void, and the combative, aggressive energy of the patriarchy takes over.

Women are the creators in nature.

We build life inside our wombs. We knit the sweaters and crochet the blankets to cover the babies, the sick, the elderly. We stitch the clothes and darn the socks. We boil the water for tea, mix the batter, bake the comfort food, broil the meat, spread the jelly. We decorate the home, clean the kitchen, put flowers on the table, straighten the pillows, add a touch of color here and a dim lamp there. We design the space and keep it filled with love. We open our arms and offer solace when there is fear or sadness.

We are the creators. We are the weavers.

Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay 

Women have been living under a patriarchal haze for so long that we have begun to believe that our strengths should mirror those of men – force, volume, coercion. We try to climb our way into power with a mirage of masculine energy – pushing and pulling, competing and hollering.

We began to believe that to be an equal presence in this society dominated by men we should strive to beat them at their own game, clawing our way over their backs, even if that means we push aside our own sisters.

The world of men is a world of war and competition, winning versus losing, choosing sides and planning battles. 

But we are not men. We are the Feminine.

We must remember that our power is unique from that of men but no less mighty. Women become stronger when we collaborate rather than compete; assist instead of force; nurture instead of coerce.

This maternal energy of women is the power that our aching world needs right now.

Stand with your sisters. Support each other’s dreams. Lift each other up.

Humanity is hurting. So many societies are reeling from divisiveness and fear. Tapping into our feminine strength and weaving ourselves together will create an unbreakable web that just may save us all.

Like the spider, we weave delicate strands of immeasurable strength. We often must weave them silently, in the cover of night, so they are not torn apart by the fearful patriarchy.

…but when they are, we simply begin to weave again.

©Skye Nicholson 2020

*NOTE* I don’t mean to imply that feminine energy can only be cultivated by cisgender women. Yes, I am calling for women to fan the embers of their powerful femininity. But I am also hoping for the proliferation of this creative, collaborative, nurturing energy that is present to some degree in all persons, regardless of gender.

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