The Beauty Contest (a poem of scrolling)

Know you are
beautiful, she said
But that’s not what
My news feed read.

Muffin top
Boyish hips
Chubby cheeks
Thin lips
Bushy brows
Piggish nose
Turkey neck
Sharp elbows

Here we are
tucked and tethered
Here we are
sucked in tight
Here we are
weighed and measured
Here we are
not quite right

Crooked teeth
Baggy eyes
Widow’s peak
Bulging thighs
Tiny breasts
Giant ass
Crow’s feet

Here we are
lined up for judgement
Here we are
ranked and filed
Here we are
self worth bludgeoned
Here we are
“pretty if we smiled”

Face too fat
Nose too long
Droopy mouth
Shape all wrong
Armpit stubble
Ashy skin
Double chin

Camel toe
can suck it tho.
Know you are
beautiful, she said
And I rose up
and knocked em dead.

©Vixen Lea 2021

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