Saturday Night Poetry Reading (opening night!)

Writing poetry is my creative outlet for honoring my past and exploring my present. I share most of my work under the pseudonym Vixen Lea on various publications on… although some of it can be found here on my blog under the Poetry tab.

Poetry can often feel different when experienced aurally then it does on the page (or screen). I’ve recently been reading my work and uploading it through SoundCloud.

Tonight I present the first installment of Saturday Night Poetry Reading by Vixen Lea!

Enjoy a one-woman Poetry Slam in the comfort of your own home (or vehicle or tree fort or secret hideout). I provide the entertainment while you prop your feet up and listen at your leisure. You have to pop your own popcorn and pour your own drinks, but the good thing is that there is probably not a line for the bathroom.

Click the links below to hear some of my latest work read aloud!

Thank you for joining me for opening night of Saturday Night Monthly Poetry Reading by Vixen Lea!

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Join me for next month’s Poetry Reading!

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