Message from the Universe: TRUST.


I keep receiving this message lately; this word appearing to me in many ways: Trust yourself; trust the unknown; trust the process; trust intuition; trust those who love you.

It’s a potent word. A word spoken by both friend and foe: Trust Me… famous last words of dramatic irony; or is that just the cynic in me piping up?

Trust requires so much vulnerability, so much letting go of control, so much surrender. To those of us raised on the American battlecry of independence and DIY, this notion of Trust seems so submissive.  Like its twin sister Faith, trust demands that we close our eyes and jump, with no guarantee of a safety net. 

And it is much more decisive that its cousin Hope, which at least allows for a little wavering and back-stepping. A person is allowed to feel Hope and still be a bit unsure. Trust implies an All-In.

The message I received today told me to “Stop hesitating and leap; know that your wings are opening.”

The classic Trust Fall.

And then that little voice echos from the dark hallway of doubt that runs like a tunnel in my brain: But what if you can’t fly?

That little voice is telling me to stay put, stay small; if you don’t jump then you won’t fall. Ugh, she’s such a Debbie Downer.

Here’s another Trust message I’ve received lately: “Keep your heart open and your walls down; trust that you will be ok.” 

But what if I get hurt? What if my heart breaks? There’s that little voice again, telling me to close down and keep people at arms’ length so I don’t feel the sting of rejection or loss.

Yeah, I suppose trust doesn’t come with a warranty. Everything doesn’t always turn out easy-peesy. Sometimes we stumble; sometimes people don’t behave the way we want them to behave. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we hurt.

But if we can’t allow ourselves to open up to Trust, we’ll never get to experience the good stuff either. When all signs point straight ahead, keep going. When we trust the universe enough to walk around with an open heart, Love rushes in and fills us up. 

Now, I’m not taking about blind and naive trust; I mean the kind of Trust that comes from deep within, the knowing of self that points us in the direction that best serves. 

Image ©Skye Nicholson | 2021

I believe that Trust is one of those high-vibration ways of Being that attracts good things to us.

When it feels right in your heart, trust that it is probably right. When you send loving kindness out into the world, trust that loving kindness is coming back to you. When the next step shows itself, trust that you are on the right path. 

When you close your eyes and ask, trust that your soul knows the answer.

©Skye Nicholson 2021

4 thoughts on “Message from the Universe: TRUST.

  1. Love love love this one. Trust your soul the universal love and energy has only love and growth in our life plan for us. Much love sister

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  2. After a crushing betrayal of trust, it took me many years to realize that I didn’t need to trust other people or the “universe” or experts telling me what to do. I found I could trust my instincts and abilities to handle whatever happened; therefore I had the freedom to try things and if it didn’t work out, I knew I’d be okay. ( still not sure about Ferris Wheels or foot bridges!)


  3. Been saving this to read and boy oh boy, did I need to hear this today! Skye, thank you for putting the real out into beautiful words!

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    1. Kristi, I’m so glad this resonated with you! Sometimes the universe knows when we need to hear certain messages. XOXO


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