New Year, New Beginnings

One year ago today, I sat on my front porch watching the rain and pondering the end of that crazy year we called 2020. I wrote this poem about hope and renewal, feeling this eagerness for what 2021 might bring.

Image from “Unexpected Alchemy” ©️Skye Nicholson

This year, I woke to New Year’s rain once again, now holding in my hands a copy of my very first published book, Unexpected Alchemy: Poems of Addiction and Awakening, available on Amazon.

Although writing and publishing a book was a deeply-held childhood dream of mine, for most of my life I dismissed such an accomplishment as something entirely too intense to be obtainable. I lived small, holding myself back by making life harder than it needed to be… numbing and escaping with alcohol.

I always managed; I functioned. I had a successful career as a teacher, I traveled, started a family, entertained my kids and joined book clubs. But it wasn’t until I began to stack sober days on top of each other for months at a time that my dreams started taking shape.

Change is possible. Joy is possible. Renewal is possible. Not necessarily easy… but SO WORTH IT!

What will YOU bring to life this year??

I wish you all the greatest accomplishments in 2022!!

To find out how you can reclaim your power from over-drinking or to join my DRY JANUARY virtual group, visit

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