On wearing the Mom Suit

The juxtaposition of being a fragile human and a strong parent has never been more intense than this moment, during these times of global anxiety and local restraint. My children are young enough that they deserve to reside in the soft web of innocence a little longer. As parents, we are the weavers of this ethereal web, our sleight of hand holding the chaos at bay. These fibers become more tenuous each year, as our children’s arms and legs grow longer and their eyes begin to see farther into the truths of the world. Continue reading On wearing the Mom Suit

The Backyard Fortress

We’re currently in week 9,000 of quarantine… and despite my valiant attempts at daily schedules and homeschooling, they have found themselves bored quite often.Usually the only time they play independently without fighting it is because they are up to something sneaky: filling up the bathroom sinks with handsoap, drawing butts with Sharpies on their furniture, or opening up every box of bandaids to stick their artwork to the wall. Continue reading The Backyard Fortress