Releasing the Struggle

Working today on letting go of The Struggle and bringing in Joy. The meandering search for Joy in daily life seems more challenging now during these times of collective anxiety than ever before. Yet happiness should be simple! It’s a choice, they say. (but come on… if it were really just that easy, why wouldn’t everyone just choose to be happy??) Because we can’t let go … Continue reading Releasing the Struggle

Into the Darkness

I walked with my friend into her darkness yesterday. She is in the midst of raw pain from a new divorce; lonely, shaken, exposed, angry, wild, and new. She was breaking loose from years in shackles. She needed to at once curl into her tenderized soul and nurse the open wounds of failed dreams and yet spread her wings in the updraft of full abandonment.  I followed her into the darkness like a cautious … Continue reading Into the Darkness

Stop the Anxiety Train! This is Where I Get Off

I have always been an overthinker. I’m a Virgo – Worrying is my jam. I will get a tickling of an idea in my head and then my mind starts to add to it line by line, like that kids game where each person’s random sentence builds a nonsensical story. I have worked myself into an irrational panic in this way many times. Continue reading Stop the Anxiety Train! This is Where I Get Off