Recess (or, how to get through this. or, what really matters.)

Well, it’s happening. Our school district announced a move from all-day inperson classes to full virtual learning starting Monday. I suppose we all saw this coming.  Some of my friends were surprised in September when we managed to stay in school past the first month. We had taken pessimistic bets on how long the temporary freedom from our school-age children would last. We were thrilled … Continue reading Recess (or, how to get through this. or, what really matters.)

Now What? (parenting without the manual)

The thing about kids is that you don’t need a license or certification or even good intentions in order to have one. You just do this (rather animalistic) act and then -BOOM- less than a year later you are the proud owner of a fragile, flailing, extremely loud, real, live human…innately designed to scream the moment you close your eyes or sit down with a hot cup of coffee. Sure, there’s care and feeding instructions out there, but the disclaimer on every one is that if you get it wrong you will mess them up for life. Continue reading Now What? (parenting without the manual)


I have been sinking. I am physically embodying the effects of this time of isolation and the resulting depression. I have zits; I am gaining weight; I feel tired and irritated all the time.After my meditation this morning, I asked my unicorn cards for some guidance (as I occasionally do when I feel stuck or lost). I shuffled and shrugged as I cut the deck one final time to reveal my card: ANGER Continue reading Anger