Am I an alcoholic?

The other day I was giving my ‘elevator pitch’ about my coaching business to a woman in my networking group, and I mentioned my history with alcohol use. As soon as I said it, I could see a subtle shift as her face dropped into that expression of pity. She nodded her head sympathetically, “Oh yes, such a shame. My friend’s sister’s ex-husband is an … Continue reading Am I an alcoholic?

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,Here is what I need you to know: Your breath will always bring you home. It is your ruby slippers—just close your eyes, inhale deep into your belly, and follow it. Trust your breath to know the way back—every time. Let your heart be a lantern, not a vacancy sign. Hold it up and brave the darkness. Listen and it will reveal the beauty … Continue reading Dear Daughter

Standing up to ‘The Comparing Mind’

Most of us know it well. You are scrolling though Facebook and there’s another one of her photos with her cute hair and happy kids. Your comparing mind starts piping up: “Ugh, she is always doing SOMETHING. Who has time for that? She’s so perky; how annoying. I’m probably a bad mom because I’m not taking my kids to the zoo every other day. I really should be better at that.” Continue reading Standing up to ‘The Comparing Mind’