Remain Awake

The work. The writing. The money. The emotion. The relationship. The family.

These things are not mine to claim ownership over.

Everything belongs to the universe. My connection to all of it is part of my soul contract.

I must simply strive to be my best self. To be open to the flow. To receive and utilize what comes my way. To react with love and compassion for myself and others. To keep my eyes and heart open. To enjoy being alive. 

To appreciate the small things and know that I am on the path of my unfolding life.

Remain awake.

Keep seeking center. Ride the tides and surrender it all to the universe. Nothing is permanent and nothing belongs to me. Not even this body. I am borrowing it while I’m here. Treat it well and it will last me a long time. Treat others well for they are only temporary too.

Stay awake.

It is a gift to be present in this life. Be grateful for this opportunity to feel, breathe, love grown, learn, experience.

It is the Greatest Day, because it is new and emerging and never before experienced in this way.

Open your eyes.

Clear the fog.

Stay connected to Love.

Remain awake.

©Skye Nicholson 2020

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